Renting our auditorium

The new auditorium at The Narvik War and Peace Centre was finally ready for unveiling and official opening 1st of September 2016, and the name given was “The Ragnhild Olstad-Auditorium”. The name is given by LKAB, who has been an important contributor and partner in realising Narvik War Museum’s new building and exhibitions.

When the German attack on Narvik got closer in the early days of April 1940, Ragnhild Olstad, the manager of LKABs guesthouse in Narvik, Bromsgård, quickly dug down the silverware in the garden and sent the art collection to Kiruna by train. The fearless and swift acts of Ragnhild Olstad is thus the reason why that same silverware can be found in Bromsgård today. This is the origin of our auditorium being named “the Ragnhild Olstad Auditorium”, as such vigour and courage very well reflects the vigour and courage needed to fight for peace and human rights today. We are proud to tell Ragnhild Olstad’s story and our ties to LKAB through the name of our auditorium, which we in Ragnhild Olstad’s spirit will use to continue to show vigour and courage in fighting for peace and human rights.

Are you tempted to rent our auditorium? Contact us at or 769 44 426 for prices, information and booking.