Monuments of War Narvik 1940

War History Sites is a project initiated by Norwegian Army Force Command in order to commemorate the war actions that took place in the areas around Narvik and the soldiers who participated in the war during two months in the spring of 1940.

The six monuments and information boards are erected on sites being viewpoints for arenas where particularly hard fightings between the Norwegian and allied forces and nazi-Germany took place: Skjomnes, Bjørnfjell, Bjerkvik (Herjangen), Øse, Lapphaugen and Bardufoss.


The War History Sites project will hopefully contribute to a generally increased knowledge of this region’s part in the norwegian war history, and also to the important role 6th Division played during and after the WW II). The memorials also symbolize allied unity during the battle of Narvik, and in the spirit of reconciliation, being an honour to all those soldiers who participated.

More information about the project can be found in the folder “Monuments of War Narvik 1940”, which can be bought at Narvik War Museum.