The Narvik War and Peace Centre

The Narvik War and Peace Centre foundation shall work to further knowledge about and understanding for peace, international humanitarian law and human rights through research, documentation and dissemination with a particular focus on the WWII-history of the Northern region. We are the largest partner organization in Northern Norway participating in the non-formal part of Erasmus + and have a large portfolio of international projects.

The ‘Nordland Red Cross War Memorial Museum’ in Narvik was established by Nordland Red Cross in 1964 and has stayed open till April 2016. From 2014 The Narvik War and Peace Centre foundation has been running the museum. The museum has received numerous artifacts from benefactors in many countries. The historic collection includes a wide range of items, ranging from a Hotchkiss light tank, 75 mm field cannons, weapons, uniforms to stamps. The museum also has an extensive library and archive. In 2015 we had 23.506 visitors, including 3600 pupils and 1480 military personell.

The foundation receives yearly support from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Defence and the Municipality of Narvik supports the running of the museum.

The foundation was established by initiative from the Ministry of Education, the Municipality of Narvik, the Foundation Nordnorsk Fredssenter – Narvik (merged with the current foundation) and the Foundation Nordland Red Cross War Museum.