The Narvik Centre of War and Peace has a broad range of local, national and international partners.

Economic benefactors

We wish to thank those who support the establishment and operations of our activities, building and exhibitions:

The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Defence and the Municipality of Narvik support the operations of the Narvik Centre of War and Peace and the Narvik War Museum.

The Ministry of Education and  LKAB have supported the construction of our new facilities (opened 2016). Forte Narvik, Sparebanken Narvik and the Municipality of Narvik have been invaluable partners in this project (although no direct economic support has been received).

The following have given economic contributions to the establishment of the new exhibitions in Narvik War Museum:
The Ministry of Education
The Ministry of Culture
Sparebankstiftelsen DNB
Nordland County Council
Sparebanken Narvik
The Ministry of Defence
Ofoten Sparebank
Fritt Ord
Narvik Havn KF

Other partners

We are one of seven peace- and human rights centres in Norway that receives permanent support from the Ministry of Education. The others are: the European Wergeland Centre (Oslo), The Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities (Oslo), The Falstad Centre (Falstad), the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue (Lillehammer), the Rafto Foundation (Bergen) and Stiftelsen Arkivet (Kristiansand). Together we have established permanent networks among top leaders, on dissemination and projects.

The Narvik Centre of Peace and War has signed cooperation agreements with the Nord University and UiT – The Arctic University of Norway. We cooperate with other universities and knowledge institutions such as museums and centres.

As one of our founders the Nordland Red Cross is a close partner along with the department of international humanitarian law of Red Cross Norway.

Aktiv Ungdom (National Agency Erasmus +) is a close partner in our local and international activities directed towards youth. We work with the United Nations Association of Norway and a host of other organisations including primary and secondary schools.

We have a broad international network including organisations in Europe, Asia and Africa.

If you wish to cooperate with us we will be happy to hear from you, we are always on the lookout for new partnerships.