Our new audioguides are now released

Discover new aspects of war and conflicts while exploring Narvik War Museum’s exhibition! Our new audioguides will help you with that:

• «The Voices of War»: Get to know the stories of some of those who experienced war, among them the Norwegian soldier Ivan Vanje, the forced evacuated Ruth Norli, and the kidnapped Ingrid Betancourt.

• «The Rules of War»: Learn more about what rules there are in war and conflict.

The narratives are dramatisations and stories of the experiences of real people, as described in our large source material.

The audioguide is available through the Useeum App, which can be downloaded free from AppStore and Google Play. Both English and Norwegian speech.

Many thanks to those who helped us to produce these audioguides: Marianne Alfsen (texts), Lena Hope, Nicola Mulryan, Joakim Arnøy (voices) and Schille Media (recording).