The concept, content and design of the exhibition Peacefront is developed by:

The Narvik Centre of War and Peace: Eystein Markusson og Ulf Eirik Torgersen

Concept and creative developer: Jarl Holstad

Advisory exhibtion architect: Peter S. Gulbrandsen

Text and image editor: Marianne Alfsen

Project leader: Konsortiet Redia & BS Eurobib v/Kenneth Holm

Exhibition design: Jens-Erik Thøgersen

Grafic design: Gudjon Freyr Oddsson

Conceptualizing: Martin Rauff Nielsen

Exhibition production: Engelbrecht Construction AS

Digital installations and content: Redia AS

Grafics and exhibition identity: Oddfischlein I/S

Stills- and videoproduction: Nitratfilm AS/Morning Breeze Production

Light design: Redlight design AS