All group visit to Narvik War Museum must be booked in advance.

Narvik War Museum offers special programs for groups. Look at the list of our permanent topics. Available languages: English, Russian. In our exhibition-app other languages are available.


Permanent topics

«WWII in Northern Norway».


General introduction to the topic with main focus on the Battle of Narvik 1940.

The program consists of a presentation and visiting the exhibition. Duration: 2,5 hours.






«Beisfjord Prison Camp».

Beisfjord_fangeleir_graverBeisfjord prison camp near Narvik was the worst concentration camp in Norway during WWII. In total, the camp held 900 Yugoslavian and 3500 – 4000 Soviet prisoners of war. 748 (83%) of 900 Yugoslavian prisoners died during four months, 287 of them were shot during a single night. Over 300 Soviet POWs died in the camp.

The program consists of a presentation and visiting the exhibition.

We also recommend to visit Beisfjord, where the camp was placed. It is the group’s responsibility to organize transport to/from Beisfjord. Narvik War Museum can provide a guide.


Please contact us if you have special requests for programs/guiding. We can adapt both contents and duration of the visit for each group.



Group ticket (minimum 12 persons, visiting during opening hours): NOK 110, – per person.

For programs: please send us a request.



Personal guiding in  the museum requires an appointment made in advance, at least the day before, as it depends on the availability of our educators. The fee for personal guiding depends on the length of the tour and size of the group. Please contact for further information.


Cancellation fee

In case of no-show or significally reduction in the number of persons, the full price will be charged. If the group’s size changes from over 15 people at the time of booking to below 15 at the time of the visit, the group will be charged for the full ticket price. Cancellation of group reservation and/or information about changes must be made prior to 3 p.m. the day before arrival.


Contact information

Phone: + 47 76 94 44 26