Ukraine – the Unwinnable War

On the 24th of February Russian forces invade Ukraine. The attack is condemned by the UN and NATO as a violation of international law and Ukraine’s sovereignty. From the Russian side, the attack is described as a ‘special military operation’, in order to ‘demilitarize’ and ‘de-nazify’ Ukraine.

As per 2024 the war is at a standstill. 1,000 people are killed and maimed every day, 500 000 human lives are lost and there is no visible initiative for negotiation. 

We wish you welcome to visit the exhibition of different faces of war until October 2024.

The exhibition is developed in cooperation with the Armed Forces Museum/Forsvarets Forum and Bergenhus Fortress/Aftenposten.

Thank you to the photographers in Forsvarets Forum and Aftenposten for rights to use the photos. 

Photo of wounded solider on front page: Nora Savosnick/ Photo collage: Forsvarets Forum