Temporary Exhibition concerning the Estonian Volunteers

The temporary exhibition «Under the North Star – Estonian Volunteers in the Battle of Narvik 1940” is displayed at Narvik War Museum from the 13th of September 2018 till the 3rd of March 2019. The exhibition is a result of a cooperation with the Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum (Eesti Sõjamuuseum – Kindral Laidoneri Muuseum) and the Norwegian-Estonian Society. The exhibition is produced to commemorate Estonia’s 100-year anniversary as a republic. Items from Narvik War Museum’s collection are exhibited. The texts in the exhibition are in Norwegian and English.

The exhibition tells the story of the Estonian participants in the battles of Narvik in May 1940 and about Estonia’s destiny. It explains the Estonians’ motives in 1940, with the Soviet Union’s annexation of the Baltic States and the Winter War as background and presents sides of WWII in new perspectives.