«Reciprocally Yours», art project by Marianne Løvvik

«Reciprocally Yours» 2019-2022 is a project that questions democratic states’ self-awareness in international processes.

Western aid and trade policies are executed in the name of democracy, but inevitably have connections to economic interests and balancing security policies. Trade policies are presented as a mutual good, but also involve cooperation with corrupt regimes and economic benefit on behalf of human rights. Aid is presented as developmental support but can also be a means of power. War campaigns are founded in humanitarian concerns but stimulates industrial activity and substantiates the self-awareness of fighting for peace.

How do democratic states relate to these paradoxes?

In the end, it’s a matter of responsibility.

From February 1st 2022, «Reciprocally Yours» is temporarily exhibited at Narvik War Museum as part of «Zona». Here, universal questions connected to war and conflicts are thematised and opened for.

Marianne Løvvik’s project involves in-depth reflections of the intersection between democratic processes and ethical obligations and invites the audience to dialogue concerning this phenomenon.

The project is supported by the Fritt Ord Foundation.

More about the project: https://lovvik.com/reciprocally_yours_2022.html