Musical museum tour – Béla Bartók at the Narvik War Museum

Musikk i Nordland and Narvik War Museum welcome you to a different concert and museum experience on Tuesday 21 March 2023 in Vinterfestuken. We take you into the world of composer Béla Bartók (1881-1945), specifically the sonata for solo violin written in exile during World War II.

The sonata’s four movements are performed on a guided walk through the Narvik War Museum. Parallel to the musical elements, we gain insight into what happened during the battles for Narvik, the dramatic April and May days in 1940, how civilians’ everyday life was shaped during the occupation, the liberation of Norway and reflections on today’s war and conflict situations.

Violinist, Tor Johan Bøen, from Musikk i Nordland will play and tell about Hungarian Bartók’s exciting life as a composer, performer and ethnomusicologist, which spanned two world wars, and included flight and exile.

The sonata’s four movements contain memories from his life, and have their roots in the folk music of his home and neighboring countries set into classical forms. It conveys “the good things”, and is therefore a contrast to war. It brings to mind artistic expression during the Second World War.

Welcome to a unique experience where music and history meet.

Practical info:

The experience starts at 11:30 in Narvik War Museum and lasts 75 minutes. Guests are welcome to explore the museum on their own after the musical tour ends.

Price NOK 180 per person which includes entrance Narvik War Museum, guide and musical performance. Tickets can be bought at  or at the Tourist Information.

The maximum number is 30 people.

ATTENTION! There are limited opportunities to sit down during the museum tour.